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Read the chronological records of Pakistani and pre-partition films since 1913 with Online films & songs, important film news and history, box office reports, debuted and expired artists, important records and figures & facts, useful information's on Eid films, detailed film and song lists of main artists, videos, images, comments etc..

It is continuously published and updated website since May 3rd, 2000 and it is also available on mobile version on the same URL. Read more here

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Pre-partition films

(Urdu - 1970-10-23 - Watch)
Director: Suroor Barabankvi
Actors: Sumbal, Saleem, Komal, Talat Hussain, Nanha, Rashid, Sikandar, Arsalan
Namak Halal
(Punjabi - 1984-01-20 - Watch)
Director: Rangeela
Actors: Mumtaz, Ali Ejaz, Nanha, Khanum, Rangeela, Firdaus Jamal, Adeeb, Bahar
(Urdu - 1963-02-26 - Watch)
Director: Nakhshab
Actors: Komal, Salman Pirzada, Ilyas Kashmiri, Bibbo, Laddan, Abbas Nosha, Ismael Qamar
Main hun Shahid Afridi
(Urdu - 2013-08-23 - Watch)
Director: Syed Ali Raza
Actors: Hamayun Saeed, Mahnoor Baloch, Javed Sheikh, Nadeem, Shafqat Cheema

Detailed records of main Pakistani film artists

Pakistan Film Magazine presents detailed film records of main artists with Online films & songs. Click on any image below or find the specific pages of your favorite artists from the drop-down-menues..

Pakistan Film Music

Pakistan Film Magazine presents 280 Playlists of Pakistani film songs. Click on any title to watch & listen on a larger size of video..

7368 songs info in Pakistan Film Music Database

Pakistan Film Magazine presents the largest film songs database. Here are the latest updated Online Film Songs Videos..

No. Song title with film and singer(s) Online Songs

A Sohnay Chehray, Vairi Dil day..

Film: Reshma tay Shera (Punjabi - 1976), Singer(s): Masood Rana, Afshan & Co.

Koun hay yeh Gustakh, koun hay..

Film: Manto (Urdu - 2015), Singer(s): Javed Bashir

Kya ho ga, ab kya ho ga..

Film: Manto (Urdu - 2015), Singer(s): Zebunnisa Bangash, Ali Sethi

Aah ko Chahiye ik Umar Asar honay tak..

Film: Manto (Urdu - 2015), Singer(s): Ali Sethi

Mehram Dillan day Mahia, kadun Mohray ga Muharan..

Film: Manto (Punjabi - 2015), Singer(s): Meesha Shafi

اردو پنجابی مضامین

Indo-Pak film history since 1913
بر صغیر کی سو سالہ فلمی تاریخ

برصغیر کی سو سالہ فلمی تاریخ پر ایک مختصر لیکن جامع تحریر

پاکستان کی فلمی تاریخ
پاکستانی فلموں کا عروج و زوال

پاکستانی فلموں کے عروج و زوال پر لکھی ہوئی یہ تحریر 2005ء کی ہے۔۔

43 released films in 2015

Here are the latest released films in Pakistan..

Zwee Da Sharabi
Zwee Da Sharabi

(Pashto - 2015-09-25 - Trailer)
Released at Naz cinema Peshawar
Director: Abid Naseem Khan
Actors: Shahid Khan, Zindagi, Jahangir Khan, Madho, Mohammad Hussain Sawati


(Pashto - 2015-09-25 - Trailer)
Released at Sabrina cinema Peshawar
Director: Shahid Usman
Actors: Arbaz Khan, Sobia Khan, Jahangir Khan, Ajab Gul, Mohammad Hussain Sawati

Sohna Gujjar
Sohna Gujjar

(Punjabi - 2015-09-25 - )
Released at Odeon cinema Lahore
Director: Rasheed Malik
Actors: Saima, Moamar Rana, Saima Khan, Shafqat Cheema

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Pakistan Film History

Here is the latest updated film history/news..

Film name changed after protest..!


Due to a protest from musician community the name of Punjabi film Meerasi was changed to Billo.

Latest artists updates


(Villain, hero and character actor)
He was the most versatile film actor in Pakistan..

Azher RangilaAzhar Rangeela

(Film, TV, stage comedian)
He is a famous film comedian..

A. Shah ShikarpuriA. Shah

(Film comedian, producer, director, writer, poet)
He was a comedian, producer, director, writer and poet..

Iqbal KashmiriIqbal Kashmiri

(Film director, producer)
He made the maximum numbers of feature films in Pakistan..

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